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Annual NCCHC Conference Scholarship

The Academy of Correctional Health Professionals Scholarship program was established in 2005 through the generous donations of Academy members. The award provides financial support to assist current members who may be unable to attend the conference or need financial assistance. 

Our upcoming scholarship awarding registration to the NCCHC fall conference will be announced in September 2021.  The scholarship fund covers the cost of the NCCHC Conference registration and one pre-conference session of your choice (on-site or virtual).  Expenses for travel, hotel, or other personal costs will be required by the recipient. 

The next scholarship to be announced:  September 2021

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Complete the application explaining how you will benefit from conference attendance; and
  • Submit one Letter of Reference to email: academyofcorrectionalhealthprofessionals@outlook.com

Scholarship Awardee Expectations

If you are awarded the scholarship, please be prepared to attend the conference and agree to write a brief statement about your experience and submit it to the Academy within 30 days of the conference end date. 

Additionally, while attending the conference, please plan to participate in the Annual Academy of Correctional Health Professionals Member Meeting for membership introduction and photo.  

We welcome all eligible applicants to apply and look forward to your participation in this national organization of correctional health professionals.

Questions? Contact the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals at academyofcorrectionalhealthprofessionals@outlook.com.


Academy Scholarship Winner 2020

Ranee' Wright

Nurse Clinician 2
Wisconsin Resource Center
Appleton, WI​

​Ranee' was awarded the 2020 Academy Scholarship and will be attending the 2021 Spring Conference on Correctional Health Care in New Orleans.  The scholarship will be presented to her at that time and her statement about her experience will be posted here after that date.

Academy Scholarship Winner 2018

Jacalee Michaelis, RN3

RN3 Nursing Supervisor

Washington Department of Corrections

Jackie Michaelis, applied for the annual Academy scholarship, which granted free registration to the NCCHC National Conference on Correctional Health Care. What did she think about her experience?

"Attending the NCCHC National Conference was fantastic!  As a newbie to Corrections, I was eager to learn more about the nuances of health care in this type of setting."

"The sessions were very informative and had practical application throughout.  The speakers were obviously very knowledgeable with several years’ experience working in Corrections.  I will be presenting information to my staff to not only raise our overall skill level but to also let them know that others in similar facilities share many of the same concerns."

"Best of all was the networking!  I met so many people and while some were nursing staff, like me, others were in Mental Health or Dental or were medical practitioners.  While we each had our own perspectives, we all shared Corrections as a common theme."

"There was also a wide variety of vendors, with not just a single focus on a particular area or issue.  Of course, the free hand-outs were great; more importantly, though, there were several who presented real solutions to some of my facility’s challenges."

"I am looking forward to next year’s National Conference and would encourage anyone working in the Health Services field of Corrections to consider joining the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals.  There are many benefits of having this membership and for the price of less than one average Starbucks’ coffee a month, it’s well worth it."

Academy Scholarship Winner 2014

Shannon Miller, LPN
Corrections Corporation of America
Burlington CO

Shannon Miller, LPN was awarded the annual Academy scholarship because of her potential to learn and grow in the field. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: 

“I love to learn new things about my job and love to share that information with my fellow colleagues. I greatly enjoyed the time and company that I had in Las Vegas and attended sessions with ideas that my facility could adopt.” 

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity that I was given. I was able to come back and give a great presentation to my facility about what I had learned.” 

“I highly encourage anybody who is in correctional health care to attend of these conferences. The great learning experience and great company that you will find will be something that you will remember for the rest of your life!” 

Academy Scholarship Winner 2013

Nancy Vander Berg, RN
Head Nurse
Keogh-Dwyer Correctional Facility
Sussex County Sheriff’s Office
Newton, NJ

Nancy Vander Berg, RN, applied for the annual Academy scholarship, which granted free registration to the NCCHC National Conference on Correctional Health Care, to enhance her knowledge, meet colleagues, and network with professionals who shared her passion for corrections. What did she think about her experience?

“The Conference not only met, but exceeded my expectations,” she gushed. “I am very grateful to have been the recipient of the scholarship…and was excited to share all I learned with my co-workers when I returned.”

She welcomed the variety of educational sessions and enjoyed partying one evening at the Academy’s “Meet and Greet,” in downtown Nashville TN.

As a result of her participation, she intends to become an active Academy member, sit for the CCHP exam, and prod her facility into applying for NCCHC accreditation.

Scholarship Program