Letter from the Chair

Letter From Your Chair

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sue Medley-Lane, RN, CCHP.  As your new chairman, I look forward to continuing work with and support our professional organization, the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals, and its mission. Many people may not know the Academy history and do not realize it was started by concerned professionals involved in NCCHC.  The National Commission on Correctional Health Care which is an organization that provides standards of care, accreditations, educational opportunities and specialty recognition (CCHP).  It is not a membership organization.  The Academy was formed in the late 1990’s, by professionals involved with NCCHC, as they recognized that correctional healthcare was becoming a specialty, and we needed our own membership organization to provide a community for our new specialty. 

As we go forward in our exciting roles in correctional health care, I am proud to be a part of an organization that represents the community of correctional healthcare professional.  I have worked in most aspects of nursing for over 40 years and most aspects of correctional healthcare over the past 21 years.  It is a challenging and an exciting career.  Our professionals have to be the best of the best.  It does not matter what size of the facility or the amount of staffing, we make a choice to go to work each day to care for our patients under the most challenging of circumstances.   I commend each one of you and encourage you to make this organization a representation of the excellence in the profession we have chosen.  The Academy offers many benefits, including mentors.  When we are at work, we may feel the pressure of the job, but knowing you have someone who you can call and relate to, can make a difference.  It only takes one person to touch water that can make a ripple around the world.  I look to each of you to do just that, start making waves, reaching out, and making a difference.  By joining us at the Academy we are a stronger force for our profession.  I look forward to a great year.  Come join us, and visit our Facebook and Twitter pages too.

B. Sue Medley-Lane