Letter From Your Chair

To All Correctional Health Professionals:

I would like to introduce myself as the new Chair for the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals.  My name is Ralf J. Salke, RN, BSN, CCHP-A.  As one of the founding individuals of this organization, I am excited to begin this new adventure with you all.  I have been the Past Treasurer and Chair on several occasions since the inception of the ACHP.   I look forward to what we will accomplish in the next year with the assistance of our modified board and our current members.  We have also obtained a new marketing manager replacing the old role as the executive director.  I introduce to you, Andrea Albino.  Given our mission and what we want to accomplish, the board believes this is the way we need to proceed at this time.

As a reminder to all, our mission, per our current Bylaws are:

A. To encourage individuals who are interested in the provision or administration of health care services in correctional institutions to enhance their understanding and knowledge of correctional health care;

B. To provide a forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of information relating to health care services in correctional institutions;

C. To promote the training, education, and professional development of professionals interested in correctional health care; and

D. To undertake such other programs and activities as may be necessary or proper to carry out the mission and purposes of the Academy. 

The ACHP is made up of licensed, unlicensed and other staff throughout Corrections whether it be in a county, state or federal setting.  With the assistance of the board, our new marketing manager, Andrea Albino we look to improve membership and mentoring opportunities, as well as providing amazing education opportunities throughout the year.

I would like to thank the past Chair, Deborah Shelton for her work and efforts in her role as Chair.  She helped position the ACHP in the direction we need to move towards during her tenure---on behalf of the ACHP, we thank you, Deb!!!  I am also going to keep a couple of her past remarks in as my encouragement to all of our members and soon to be new members going forward:

Today, you can enhance your professional experience by participating in the Academy. Its for everyone.  Anyone can join. Encourage people you work with to join.  And then be an active member.  What are you passionate about?  You can share this with Academy members.  Being part of the Academy is truly an amazing professional experience! The Academy, after all, is all of us- together.  I look forward to seeing you at an Academy meeting virtually, by phone or in person soon!

Kindest regards, 

Ralf Salke​