Margaret Collatt Service Award


Previous Winners:

2019 - Sue Smith

​2021- Margaret Collatt Service Award Winner

The Academy of Correctional Health Professionals would like to congratulate Susan Laffan, RN, CCHP-A, CCHP-RN on receiving the 2021 Margaret Collatt Award!  The award will be presented at the Annual Academy Membership Meeting on October 31st, 2021 for her many years experience as a nurse in correctional healthcare. She is a renowned speaker and presenter and co-presenter with Margaret on this specialty for multiple organizations and multiple conferences for over 20

Information for Nominators

The Margaret Collatt Service Award recognizes a member of the ACHP who has made exceptional contributions to correctional healthcare by their service to professional education and training within the field.

The purpose of this award is to emphasize and highlight the commitment of Academy members to contributing to the excellence of the current and future professional correctional healthcare workforce.

2020 - Margaret Collatt Service Award Winner

The Academy of Correctional Health Professionals would like to congratulate ​Mary V. Muse, MS, RN, CCHP-A, CCHP-RN on receiving the 2020 Margaret Collatt Award!   The award was presented at the Annual Academy Membership Meeting on November 11th, 2020 for her service and dedication to the Academy of Correctional Health Professionals and the field of Correctional Medicine.


Candidates for this award must have demonstrated:

  • Exceptional service to the field of correctional healthcare via educational or training activities,
  • A generosity of time and/or skills either formally or through their everyday work and participation in correctional health education or training, and
  • Leadership, dedication, and/or innovation in educational and training activities within the field.

Examples of such service might include (but are not limited to) curriculum or training content development, in-person or online education, one-on-one mentoring, leadership in organizational training programs or activities, or research and publication related to education for correctional health professionals.


To be eligible to receive this award, an individual must be a current member of the ACHP in good standing.


To nominate an ACHP member for this award, please complete the form below by August 31st 2022.

Award and Recognition

The recipient will be awarded
The award recipient will be honored with:

  • A distinguished plaque,
  • $50 gift card
  • One-year membership to the ACHP
  • Registration and a one-night hotel stay for the NCCHC Fall Conference

The recipient will be recognized during the ACHP annual meeting. It is ACHP’s expectation that the recipient attends the NCCHC Fall Conference, if at all possible. The Academy seeks to minimize the financial burden of this request by covering conference registration and a hotel stay.

The recipient will be notified in September, and will be recognized in ACHP communications and during the NCCHC Fall Conference.