New Chair Bio

I would like to thank the Academy membership for my election to the position of Chairman of the Academy.  I am a registered nurse with, over 40 years’ experience in all aspects of healthcare, 21 years in correctional healthcare, and 30 years in infection prevention and control.  I received my nursing degree in 1975 at Kennesaw State College.  My experience includes working on medical/surgical floors, OR and PARU, L&D, trauma, critical care, supervision, infection prevention and control, utilization management and administration. 

I began my correctional career by chance, as I had a friend ask me to help her out in a large jail setting.   I crossed trained in all healthcare jobs at the correctional facility, and eventually accepted a director position for the facility.  It was important that our staff was cross trained, and continued to train and update their skills, especially emergency care, assessments, medication administration and all aspects to health care.  I have developed and managed infection control programs in large facilities, and have become a representative voice for correctional health care in many local, state, and international organizations and task forces.  I speak at colleges to student nurses about correctional health care careers and I welcome the chance to speak to anyone who will listen about correctional health care.  I continue to be a trainer for CDC’s Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center with emphasis on teaching about tuberculosis in corrections. 

As a lead surveyor for NCCHC, I delight in seeing how well correctional health care has improved over the years.  It is an honor to visit the facilities and meet the wonderful people that have chosen to work in this field of medicine.  I have volunteered with the Amateur Athletic Union by helping to run tournaments, serving on sports committees and on the state board.  When the youth (a group of 108 athletes) traveled outside the United States to compete in the international arena, I organized and lead a medical team to ensure the safety of our young athletes.  I have served on and currently serve on the Academy board.  I continue to be an advocate for the practitioners and the professionalism that the Academy brings to this specialty. It is important to share ideas and help mentor the professionals that have chosen to work in this challenging field. I look forward to continuing to work with the Academy and to expand our membership and provide our peers with substantial support and representation in healthcare.


Introducing your new Chair - Sue Lane